Lessons for playing better pool

Would you like to learn how to play pool or if you already play, learn to play better? Most pool players are stuck at some level because their fundamentals are not strong enough to allow them to progress. We have an in-house instructor that can help you. With an instructor you can learn to develop and maintain a solid foundation of good fundamentals. Learn how to aim, shoot and control the balls on the table. You can also learn how to plat different games like 8-Ball, 9-Ball, 10-Ball, 14-1 continuous (straight pool) or one-pocket. Contact him or us if you would like to set up a lesson.

Steve Strange
Steve StrangeBilliards Instructor
Recognized PBIA (Professional Billards instructors Association)

Meet our instructor.

I served in the military for 14 years, it was about 2001 that I decided to play pool a few times a week and quickly realized that I had a passion for it. I have been playing and studying this sport for 17 years.

From 2011-2012 I took a year away from shooting competitive pool. I put my focus towards two other shooting activities. The first stayed on the table as I began working with artistic trick shots and quickly became good at it. By the end of the year I was fortunate enough to be the opening act of a trick shot exhibition. I was to warm up the crowd for Florian “Venom” Kohler, the #1 trick shot artist in the world. That year I also earned my spot on a Marine Corps competitive shooting team. I was fortunate enough to compete and learn from the best shooters in the country. What I took most from it was the deliberate mechanics behind every movement, breath, and the exact rhythm for each movement. Every movement had a purpose that lead to the next movement.

In 2014 I was sent Okinawa. It was there I was fortunate enough to meet with the PBIA Master Instructor Robert Moreno. Over the next six months he rebuilt my game as well as trained me to become a PBIA Instructor. This would be a huge turning point in my life.

My Naval career came to an end in June of 2016 when I was medically retired. Three months later I was able to get four pool tables donated and installed into my classroom. By the end of the year I had four dedicated students who qualified and were ready to compete at the Junior Nationals in Las Vegas.

Throughout the next year the program only grew as we were getting close to 60 students a week! We had our traveling team of seven who diligently practiced twice a week after school. The students of Bonsall High School have joined the program as well. It was last year that we also introduced the sport to the students with special needs and it is now a weekly routine for them. Once again at the end of the year we held a qualifier which resulted in another student making the trip to Junior Nationals but this time in New Orleans. This year looks to be better than the rest with more interest and the idea of more schools in the future!

As for my adult students, I have worked with several over the past few years. Some who put the time in like they should have and showed progression very quickly. My first student as an instructor played pool for almost 30 years and was still a low level 3 in his pool league. Within the year he made the jump to a 4 and won the MVP of that handicap for the season. Every student I work with will find value in the lessons and the importance it can have to their game. It is up to them to put the work in on the table for that lesson to greatly improve their game.

Over the last 17 years I have been a family man first and foremost. I have a gorgeous wife and 4 incredible kids. During this time I have been fortunate enough to continue my passion for this sport being able to compete all over the country as well as a few other spots in the world. During this time I have either won or placed in the money in many of these tournaments. Since the start of my school program, I have begun working with many of the top retailers in the industry as well as the best players in the world to keep this vision going. If I can have a twelve year old who has never played pool shoot at the level of a 5 with practice after two years, imagine what I can do to your game.